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Thank You For Being a Friend

February 7, 2018

Golden Girls card

“Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true
You’re a pal and a confidant.

And if you through a party
Invited everyone you ever knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.”

Are you singing the Golden Girls theme song in your head now?

I watch virtually no TV at the moment, with one exception: Golden Girls re-runs.

So when I saw the Lots of Happy Card kit from Stampin’ Up! that included a stamp that says “Thank you for being a friend” I knew it belonged in my stamp collection. (Plus the kit includes watercolor pencils, so that sealed the deal.)

This stamp is so perfect for a few reasons besides my personal obsession with Sophia, Blanche, Rose and Dorothy. One, this is the first blog post of mine in collaboration with my friend Anna in the UK! Check out her post here! And two, it’s Valentine’s Day soon and who wouldn’t love to receive a Golden Girls themed card from their friends on Valentine’s Day? How better to celebrate the love for your friends than with a card that is bound to invoke memories of the most classic show that celebrates gal-pal friendship?

So…I threw together a few cards with the amazing stamp from the kit.

I used the core items that I use to make soooo many cards:

1) paper trimmer
2) circle punch (I often use two of them – 2″ and 2 1/2″)
3) 12×12 cardstock
4) stamp pad
5) patterned paper and/or vellum paper (optional)

Stampin' Up!

My favorite punch – 2 inch circle.

Stampin' Up!

Of course, the ever ready paper trimmer.

Stampin' Up!

I made 3×3 inch cards because Stampin’ Up! has some great little 3×3 pre-made envelopes that I thought were begging for some cards. What’s awesome is that a single 12×12 piece of cardstock can make 8 cards at this 3×3″ inch size!

See what 1 single page of 12×12″ cardstock can do! First trim it into 4 strips of 3 inch wide paper, then cut each of the strips in half so you will have eight 3×6″ inch strips. Fold each of those in half and you will have eight 3×3″ cards.

Stampin' Up!

You can also get loads of circles punched from one page of 12×12″ cardstock.

Stampin' Up!

For this card, I used the following steps:

-cut Whisper White card stock into a 3×3″ card
-cut a small piece of patterned paper into an approximately 2.75 x 2.75 inch square
-stamped my “Thank You” stamp onto Whisper White cardstock and punched it out with the 2 inch circle punch
-punched a 2 1/2″ circle out from a piece of Stampin’ Up! vellum paper
-glued it all together!

Add in some Golden Girls re-runs and a mason jar full of kisses and you have a great easy gift!

Many moons ago I would have tried out 17 different types of Pinterest inspired mason jar crafts,involving spray paint, acrylic paint, etching cream, and myriad other techniques. And those still are fun, but these days I go for practical and easy. Keeping the jar simple is 1) easy for me and 2) makes it a fabulous re-usable food safe jar for the friend receiving the gifts. I have loads of mason jars that I use to store snacks, or as drinking jars. I just hand cut the heart with a pair of scissors out of Melon Mambo colored Stampin’ Up! cardstock and tied it on the jar with some string.

Golden Girls card

I used a similar process for this card, but used Crumb Cake cardstock.

Stampin' Up!

And for this one, I just used one punched out circle and used the watercolor effect stamp from the Work of Art stamp set. This was actually the very first stamp set I used when I became a demonstrator a few years ago, and it is super versatile.

Stampin' Up!

Make sure to check my friend Anna’s blog here for her Valentine’s Day inspired Stampin’ Up! project. You can also find the two of us on Instagram at @_paperie_

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Moments Like These

September 11, 2016

I’m focusing more and more lately on simplicity – and this relates to my scrapbooking as well. One strategy I’m using is to focus on Project Life cards and scrapbook papers that are neutral colors – so, a lot of black and white cards like in the Moments Like These collection.

I’m glad I documented the backyard a bit last year when it was full of grass, before I turned it into concrete!


Some old photos from when Sofia was just barely a toddler.


And these black and white cards go perfectly with a bit of color for some photos from last year’s Halloween! This is the fabulous thing about black and white cards- you can add a pop of color to tailor it to any color scheme.


Our team has some great pages that you’ll be inspired by – make sure to check them out!

Julie Kettlewell

Constanze Wirtz

Tina Gillespie

Anna Pickering

Sandra Korten

Delys Cram

Linda Dalke

Allison Okamitsu

Yard Progress

September 2, 2016


I have shared many photos on Instagram of my backyard and the work that’s been going on, but not a lot on this blog yet. But I am so excited as to how things are progressing, that I can’t help but share some photos even though we aren’t done yet!

Before and after:


This home’s grass never was in great condition, but when the California water restrictions popped up a year or so ago, we struggled with what to do with the grass. Eventually the decision was made – get rid of the grass, and move on. This is what a yard of dead grass looks like!


Finally, the work starts. I don’t think I could have pulled all this up myself.


And the concrete work begins…


And for the finished product….concrete and decomposed granite. I really didn’t do anything fancy. Just basic broom finished concrete and gray decomposed granite. But then I had lots of fun with decorating and choosing pieces of furniture and plant pots.


The dining table set is from West Elm. The little plant pots are from CB2.


I am so glad I chose these Acapulco chairs from CB2! They are so fun and actually very comfortable for lounging in. I can’t wait to use the firepit from Crate & Barrel to make s’mores. I’m still working on getting plants in the ground, but until then I’m enjoying the plants in the plant pots which are from CB2.


If you like the look of the Acapulco chairs, here is another fabulous example of how this can be pulled together, from one of my favorite bloggers – Almost Makes Perfect.

Memories in the Making – Stampin’ Up! Project Life Blog Hop

January 9, 2016

Watercolor is everywhere right now, for good reason – it’s so gorgeous! I had such fun using the newest Project Life cards from Stampin’ Up! because these cards really use the watercolor theme to create some beautiful images.

Memories in the Making

I used the “Love You” stamp in the Watercolor Wonder color to stamp on top of the 4×6 card.

Memories in the Making

Similarly, I used the “Life is Good” stamp on top of the card that had the watercolor effect, and handcut a heart out of Watermelon Wonder card stock.

Memories in the Making

The only thing I did with these layouts – beside slipping the cards and photos in the photo pages – was to print out “Great America 2015” on a piece of coordinating card stock and cut out the words to adhere to the card. Simple!

Memories in the Making

Memories in the Making

Memories in the Making

These cards have definitely inspired to start playing around with watercolors myself….stay tuned for more. And make sure you check out the rest of the teams posts this month!

Julie Kettlewell, UK
Delys Cram, New Zealand
Constanze Wirtz, Germany
Linda Higgins, Australia
Tina Gillespie

Halloween Monkey

November 2, 2015

This was Sofia’s third Halloween, officially, but really the first one where she had any idea what was actually going on and what Halloween is all about. We started asking her several weeks ago what she wanted to dress up as, and every time she was clear that she wanted to be a monkey! So here she is.

Girl Monkey Costume

5 Things to Do With Toddlers at CA Great America

October 10, 2015


My two year old daughter and I battled 4 1/2 hours of Bay Area traffic the other day. To be perfectly honest, she slept for 3 hours of that time, so really it was just me and my lonesome enduring the gridlock.

Why did I sit in traffic for this long?

For this.

2078ob-2078 cropped

I actually had no way to know traffic would be that bad on a weekday, during non-rush hour, or I might have re-scheduled the trip. But you BET that we had a great time when the experience of spending 2 hours driving to the park, and 2 1/2 hours home, did not even phase me.

Granted, we only spent 3-4 hours at the park so it hardly was a stressful day like I imagine all day at Disneyland might be. But I’m gearing us up for what I hope will be a big family trip to Disneyland soon, so these little Great American trips are getting us used to the process.

Sofia’s first trip to Great America was a few months ago. When she saw the characters, it was love at first sight. She ran right up to Snoopy and Woodstock and gave them hugs like they were long lost friends and had to be tugged away from them so the other kids could take their turns meeting them. One ride was all that she could really enjoy, though. We initially went on the XXXX ride, which she loved. The next attempt at a ride ended with us having to get off because she was crying and they would not start the ride with her in that state of affairs! I did manage to cajole her into ride the skyway but she really did not enjoy it and I struggled to keep her seated during that ride.

This recent trip was much better than the first time. We enjoyed so many things, albeit just a small taste of what they have to offer. Here’s the top 5 suggestions I have for toddlers, based on this most recent trip.

1) Meet the characters! This will depend very much on the temperament of your child. Sofia was enamored with the characters, just like last time. The characters might vary somewhat; she saw Woodstock on her first trip but not this recent visit.

2078ob-2078 cropped

2) Snoopy’s Space Buggies. Sofia was so interested in rides this time! We went on a few new rides, and was interested in a few that I had to hold her back from just because I was a bit worried they were too much for her. But this ride has a special place in my heart as the first ride she ever went on, and she remembered it from last time! When she saw it, she RAN towards it at full speed, squealing. It’s a fairly tame ride and she loved it just like on our first visit.

3) Sally’s Love Buggies. This was a new ride for us, and a fairly tame one as well. You can control how high you go, and it really doesn’t go very far up.

4) Carousel- this is the Camp Snoopy version, not the huge carousel that you see when you enter the park. Even being a small kid carousel, Sofia did NOT want to sit on a horse, but she happily settled for one of the benches behind the horses and enjoyed going around and around.

5) Planet Snoopy Construction Zone – this is really just a large playground, but Sofia loved playing here and many other kids seemed to be be having a great time as well. Definitely a great area to let your kids run around and burn off some energy.


Bonus: At Halloween time, Great America has what seems like a super fun non-scary Halloween event for kids. We will definitely be checking this out in the next few weeks!

One of my friends and I purchased season passes last fall, which was a great deal because it allowed us access to Halloween Haunt for 2014, as well as all season access for 2015. She lives 10 minutes away from the park, so it’s a great way to spend part of a day whenever she and I have a day free. We will be returning here time and time again!

Project Life Stampin’ Up! Blog Hop – Happy Times

July 12, 2015

Our family had a lot of fun in June, so when it came time to start scrapbooking last month’s photos it was only fitting that this blog hop is using the “Happy Times” collection from Stampin-Up Project Life. This card collection has such fun colors (including two of my favorite colors – Island Indigo and Calypso Coral.) It’s perfect for so many photos especially kid and outdoor snapshots.

Here are a few of my layouts. We loved going to the playground every day in June. It’s about a 10 minute walk from home so it was a perfect way to spend a few hours every morning.

Project Life by L'Enfant Chéri // Happy Times

I love this Daily Routine stamp. I know that I’ll be using it over and over again!

Project Life by L'Enfant Chéri // Happy Times

And this little stamp is so cute, it’s one of my new favorites.

Project Life by L'Enfant Chéri // Happy Times

Project Life by L'Enfant Chéri // Happy Times

We had a wonderful family trip to one of the many local farms, Frog Hollow Farm, where we were able to pick peaches and had a lot of fun. Normally they aren’t open to the public but we are members of their CSA program and they had a special event for members.

Project Life by L'Enfant Chéri // Happy Times

Project Life by L'Enfant Chéri // Happy Times

Project Life by L'Enfant Chéri // Happy Times

These little stickers from the accessory pack were so easy to use for embellishments.

Project Life by L'Enfant Chéri // Happy Times

Thanks for checking out my layouts for June. Make sure to check out the rest of the team’s creations with the Happy Times collection!

Claire Daly, Australia
Julie Kettlewell, UK
Tina Gillespie, Australia
Constanze Wirtz, Germany
Kate Denyer, UK

Frog Hollow Farm

June 15, 2015

Our family had an amazing time yesterday visiting Frog Hollow Farm to pick some fabulous fresh peaches, listen to music and have a picnic. Normally the farm is not open to the public, but since we take part of their CSA program, we were able to attend this event. Sofia loved the music, spending time with Daddy, and meandering around the orchard. We can’t wait to visit again.

L'Enfant Chéri // Frog Hollow Farm

L'Enfant Chéri // Frog Hollow Farm

L'Enfant Chéri // Frog Hollow Farm

L'Enfant Chéri // Frog Hollow Farm